The best way to learn is by doing! Our kits are designed to teach the fundamental principals of robotics, electronics, mechanics, physics and science with a focus on engagement and hands-on skills. We have kits suitable for all stages of development (even a few for the oldies who are looking to keep us with the millennials...).

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From adding some extra RGB lighting in your gaming rig to designing kinetic sculptures for Vivid, our skilled staff can work with you at every stage of your project to help you get everything running smoothly.

For a peek at some of our previous work take a look over on our projects page!

STEAM Workshops

Drawing from techniques developed at Stanford University, Google and Microsoft our workshops cover topics throughout the STEAM fields. Our workshops cater for your educational requirements and teach a mix of theoretical and practical skills.

These workshops can also be combine with concepts of Innovation & Entrepreneurship to help give our students a well rounded mindset required by today's changing marketplace .

We have packages available for both large and small workshops to suit your team, class or entire school.

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Custom Robotics

Need something a little more specific or industrial? With over a decade of experience working with electronics and robotics we can work with you to develop your perfect robotic platform or tool.

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